Lake Ontario Food Chain

The final area of my research and theory deals with the collapse of the Lake Ontario Food Chain.   A law of physics is that everything has got to go somewhere.  Sounds simple enough.  If the left over biomass from Lake Erie were allowed to move, what happens to it?  I’ll tell you.  All the nutrients captured within the ice during it’s formation are perfectly preserved.  The organics that lay on the bottom are also still viable food sources because the rate of decay is slowed in the icy waters. They are swept and floated along. Caught up in the ice flow, they are injected right into Lake Ontario’s waiting ecosystem.  This influx of nutrients into the cold,  barren waters is what jump started the food chain.

The timing and mathematics of it are indisputable. Clouds of nourishment would have fed the food chain.  Floating on the thermocline, it would feed the diporeia shrimp.  They are now nearly gone. Starved out of existence.  All of the creatures that relied on them are accordingly fewer and smaller. Because we stopped feeding the lower food chain with the vital  nutrients at precisely the right time, they vanished.  It is really simple.  I can further testify that I personally witnessed the decline of fishing in the St. Lawrence River’s 1000 Island area.  Going annually since childhood,  I saw the decline in catch.  It aligned perfectly with the start of the ice boom and the fill rate of Ontario.  Did the waters run out of “fuel” that was carried into the river, thereby shutting down it’s ecosystem?  Makes for an interesting hypothesis.  Because researchers had closed the door on ice boom studies, considering it as a done deal, nobody every considered this as a possibility.  It really is the only one.  However, it wasn’t available to them as a choice.  Off Limits!  Out Of Bounds!  N.Y.P.A. said they had no adverse impacts on the environment.  Imagine that. You block an ice flow that has gone on for thousands of years in 2 of the riches lakes in the world, through one of the mightiest rivers, all of which is loaded with wild life, birds and fish and it doesn’t hurt a single thing.  That is one magical ice boom.  If the ice were to flow it would cut profits by 30%  during the run, according to there own figures.  So it’s a good thing there are no effects because loosing 30% for one month translates to a 2.5% annual drop in profit . Wall Street would never tolerate that.  Besides, none of them come here anyway,  they closed the beach.

In conclusion  I would like to say that if I am wrong it should be up to NYPA to prove it. To date I have not been able to find one scientist that could discredit even one aspect of my observations.

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