Notice to IJC

Notice to the International Joint Commission

In over 40 years of observation, 12 years of study and 5 years of  intense research, I have come to the following  undeniable conclusions. This theory is rooted in the most basic of nature’s laws. While the processes I describe are well known, they have not been considered or applied on such a huge scale before. Because the processes are scale independent, size is not an exclusion. The laws of physics and nature are being toyed with at great expense to our enormous and inter-connected  ecosystem.

The problems that I examined have been the subject of research by countless people.  They have failed to solve the problems because they approached or attempted to do so individually.  By not looking at the ecosystem as a whole and more importantly, excluding the possible ice booms effects from their research, they were doomed to fail. The studies that I’m aware of did not take into consideration that without ice sheet movement the outcome would be skewed. They left out the single biggest action in nature within the Lower Great Lakes. Proceeding from the false presumption that the ice boom had no environmental impact, the research would always head off in the wrong direction.    I chose NOT to  “ignore the man behind the curtain” (taking a line from the Wizard of Oz) and challenged  these  horribly dated studies done by/for N.Y.P.A .  I could then consider what the ecosystem would function like without the ice boom as nature intended.  I could then connect the dots. It became so apparent and obvious that a huge and  grave mistake was being made. A dramatic series or chain of events was set in motion. The ice boom is stopping an annual event.  Nature’s cycle is being changed. A specific step within a sequence of events is simply being canceled.  I can’t stress it enough.

Lake Erie has a surface area of nearly 10.000 square miles. It is shallow with a long fetch to push the water and the ice. That moving ice sheet is kinetic energy. It did  huge amounts of work annually for thousands of years. To now melt it in place and not expect  to have dire outcomes isn’t just arrogant, it’s criminal.  A true crime against nature.  I could give countless examples of how mans’ interference with the natural order of things have back fired.  None come close to this.  The Ice Boom is inhibiting a vital CONVEYOR. The ice transports material, plant, animal and mineral.  How something so insidious could have been allowed to go unnoticed for so long  is a  great mystery. However,  I am now here before the IJC to call upon you to do your sworn duty and consider  the overwhelming evidence I am about to put forth. This is a crucial turning point in history. Your action will be viewed by all and affect us forever. To be prudent and error on the side of caution would be the least acceptable response. To order a fresh look at the ecosystem as a whole on an annual dynamic basis is essential.  To be just and punish those responsible for any cover up or concealment would be commendable.  A suspension of the 50 year license seems unavoidable unless  this matter is resolved.  Until the  modern scientific method is applied to this situation, we can’t possibly know what we are headed for.

At either extreme my allegation deserves the utmost consideration. I will be happy to answer any and all questions. If you are uncertain as to the meaning of any part of this please don’t  hesitate to seek clarification. You would not want to be misinformed as this will likely be the biggest issue you’ll ever face in your careers with IJC.

Respectfully Submitted,

Joseph B. Barrett

2 thoughts on “Notice to IJC

  1. Joe,
    In your notice to the IJC you make assertions but provide no references to studies or other sources of fact(s). The reader is left to form opinions regarding the “facts” based on presumption. Your emotion runs high. Do the facts support your position?

    Would you please provide access to your supporting documentation?

  2. David, That was a cover letter that went to them along with an Ice Boom Theory summary during the re-licensing process of the Lewiston Power plant. It was intended to gather some support from the local fisherman and environmentalist. It is all true. I want the readers to think about the Power Authority’s position of “No adverse environmental impact” and my Ice boom Theory. Force them to use their brain and reason some of the claims out in the light of day. I have data and I know my day in court will come. In the meanwhile, acceptability of my “Data” is hampered by the governing bodies that control all this destruction. They don’t care. So it does not matter what the facts are. I can argue my case logically and scientifically but am going to need Help. I welcome your suggestions. thanks, JBB

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