Re-Liscensing Rip-Off

Why the NYPA Deal is bad for WNY

  • 1.  NYPA has stopped the greatest natural spectacle on earth from happening.  What could be the biggest springtime eco-tourism event in the world, Lake Erie Ice Out, which would draw enormous amounts of money to the WNY economy from all over the world, is prevented by the Ice Boom.
  • 2.  Lake Erie has not had a proper “bowel movement” in over fifty years.  In short this means the ice flow like fiber in your diet, has not had a chance to cleanse the lake and the river.  This detritus facilitates botulism outbreaks.
  • 3.  The beaches, islands and shorelines are in a serious state of decay that has been called erosion, but in fact is a lack of replenishment by the ice flow.
  • 4.  The vast majority of spawning beds of countless species have been destroyed by a thick layer of ooze and decaying matter, again because of inhibited ice flow.
  • 5.  Lake Ontario’s food chain has collapsed because of the cancellation of spring time “ breakfast” for the base of the food chain again due to lack of ice flow.
  • 6.  WNY gets the second highest electric rates in the country.
  • 7.  Five towns, that ironically face the most and or the biggest effects of the NYPA operation receive zero compensation.  Town of Tonawanda, North Tonawanda,  City of Tonawanda, Grand Island and Amherst.
  • 8.  The other communities or cities (e.g. Buffalo)  receive payments that are in fact nothing but largess.  The above towns subsidize these payments through those higher electric rates.
  • 9.  The remediation efforts to restore our fisheries are laughable to anyone with angling knowledge.  The efforts are poorly conceived and another futile attempt.
  • 10.  NYPA made a mockery of law and the licensing process.  Facts were ignored, concealed and avoided.  Due process and diligence were absent entirely.  When faced with the facts FERC issued the license a few short days later, which was five months ahead of schedule to avoid the conflict.  Corruption at its worst.
  • 11.  By shoving the outdated environmental impact studies down our throat, the people were deprived the chance to uncover the undoubted many more negative effects that stopping the natural flow of ice has caused.
  • 12.  An annual $10 million waste of resources.  Details are classified at this time.

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